Dex Traders making money!!

Here’s a look at some of our latest Dex Members’ trade results (01-9-17) Maxx showing how you can start with a small account and build up with 1 contract and then apply C+V=G (you can learn more about this in our Learn more

Real Results..Real Trades from Dex Signals Members

Great results once again in the early morning hours from Paul. Last night proved to still be profitable for Amy even with 1 loss. Using Dex Daily Signals and Our 20/20 Signals is a proven success. Our Trader Rooms are Learn more

Do You Trade 20 Minute Binaries on Nadex? At Dex Signals – We Do!!

WOW!! Awesome results from Michael and Thor, just a couple of our traders, in our 20 minute Trader Room here at Dex Signals Today! If you can only trade for a few hours per day, this is the place to be! Learn more

7-11-2016 Daily Signal Results

Hi everyone! A little bit of a different format that includes a better view of membership side of Dex Signals! Don’t be afraid to comment below or feel free to say hello using the onsite chat box! See you tomorrow Data Hounds! 7-11-2016 Learn more

7-05-2016 Daily Signal Results

Good afternoon everyone! I know that there are more than a few data hounds out there who have been compiling the daily data, I just heard yesterday from a gentleman who has been so into the data, he was able Learn more

6-30-2016 Daily Signal Results

Another stellar day for theDaily Signals! You may notice that our spreadsheet had a minor flaw where 4 of the trades didn’t close out, all 4 of those were winners. I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe holiday weekend Learn more

6-27-2016 Daily Signal Results

Hello again everyone! I know you were probably expecting a post yesterday for the daily results from Sunday evening but this time around we didn’t have any signals produced for the 11pm session which is the only one that would Learn more

3-27-16 signal results Nadex

The EurGbp actually won on nadex by .00004 of a pip  So it was actually 8-1 but our spreadsheet remain intact on how it was called. Check us out and buy in on the home page.   Learn more