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Welcome Free Members

Attention Free Members this area is for your benefit..We have provided this section so you can learn as much as you need before you have to start using signals.

Do all the training here and enjoy the series that are to the right as well Free on us As we help you find your IDEA of Success

Module 1 Orientation
Unit 1 Intro To Dex
Unit 2 Member Portal Overview
Unit 3 The Course Units Overview
Unit 4 The Dex Pathway
Unit 5 What Type of Trader are You?
Unit 6 Nadex Forex and International Binaries
Unit 7 Starting Up Money
Unit 8 Using Dex Signals
Unit 9 Career with Dex
Unit 10 Customer Service

Signals Training

This area is for free members to learn about the

Module 1 Getting Started and Checklist
Unit 1 Signals Training Introduction
Unit 2 Singals checklist
Unit 3 Setting Up signal through twitter
Unit 4 Trader room Rules and Usage
Module 2 Nadex Info
Unit 1 Getting Started with Nadex
Module 3 Signals Training
Unit 1 Signals Training-What are our signals
Unit 2 Signals Portal
Unit 3 What is Forex
Unit 4 What are the Forex Sessions
Unit 5 What is a PIP
Unit 6 News and News Avoidance
Unit 7 The Daily Signal
Unit 8 The Daily's Signal Explain the working order
Unit 9 Daily Signals trading with Working order
Unit 10 Daily Signals Choke Up Intro
Unit 11 Daily Signals Choking up- using Spreadsheet
Unit 12 Daily Signals Choke up- using the Web Based Charts
Unit 13 Daily Signals Choke up - using the MT4 and Support and resistance
Unit 14 What is the Dex Sr Maxx
Unit 15 The History of the Intraday
Unit 16 Trading the Intraday Signals
Unit 17 Making a Journal
Unit 18 Using Jing a screen capture system

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Nadex Ninja

nadexninjacartn The Dex Signals Learning CenterUsing the Broker Nadex can be very challenging both in time and money. There are many pitfalls and battles that will face you unless you are prepared.

Nadex Ninja Series helps train you to be able to get in and out of trades and explains all the various components that will impact you during your trading pathway.

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Module 1 Getting to Know Nadex
Unit 1 Nadex Ninja: Nadex Demo
Unit 2 Nadex Ninja: Nadex Demo Intro
Unit 3 Nadex Ninja: The Statement
Module 2 Become a Nadex Ninja
Unit 1 Nadex Ninja: Simple Working Order
Unit 2 Nadex Ninja: Bid, Offer, Risk, Reward
Unit 3 Nadex Ninja: Setting a Ticket
Unit 4 Nadex Ninja: Intraday and Daily
Unit 5 Nadex Ninja: Open Positions
Unit 6 Nadex Ninja: Setting a Take Profit
Unit 7 Nadex Ninja: Making the BET
Unit 8 Nadex Ninja: Making the Profit

Metatrader Mayhem

mtmayhemlogo The Dex Signals Learning CenterIn the whirlwind world of trading using complex trading platforms and systems becomes amazingly difficult and expensive when not understood.

The Metatrader Mayhem series will help unwind the crazy and make it sweet and simple to understand and to use the wonderful tools made available for you.

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Module 1 Install and Set Up
Unit 1 MT4 Mayhem: Installing Meta trader 4
Unit 2 MT4 Mayhem: Setting up Charts Meta Trader 4
Unit 3 MT 4 Mayhem: Set Up Default Template
Unit 4 Renew your Metrader 4 demo Account
Module 2 Metatrader Pro Set Ups
Unit 1 MT 4 Mayhem: Chart Tips and How to Read Candles
Unit 2 MT4 Mayhem: Setting up Indicators and Templates

The Trader’s Mind

atmlogo The Dex Signals Learning CenterA powerful system to train your mind and body in a very short period of time.  This series will build up your ability to get in and get out of a trade with little to no mistakes. We use 5 min binaries and a very easy to follow strategy to trade in demo to express your learning .

It has been called the Boot Camp of trading.

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Module 1 The Beginning
Unit 1 Intro to Traders Mind
Unit 2 A Traders Mind Pathway
Unit 3 Preparing for Your Journey
Module 2 Setting Up Nadex
Unit 1 Intro to Nadex Demo
Unit 2 Setting Up Nadex Demo
Unit 3 ATM 5 min Binary Options
Module 3 Set up Your Charts
Unit 1 ATM Set up install metatrader 4
Unit 2 ATM MT 4 set up default template
Unit 3 ATM setting Mt 4 Chart Tips and How to Read Candles
Unit 4 ATM Setting up Indicators and templates
Module 4 time to Learn and Train
Unit 1 ATM Prepare to trade
Unit 2 ATM 5 Min Rules and timing
Unit 3 ATM How to read the History in Nadex
Unit 4 ATM part 2 Take Profit and Loss
Unit 5 ATM Phases of Trades

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