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What types of signals do you provide?

We provide binary option and educational forex signals for Forex markets that are available on Nadex and other brokers.
We offer 3 types of memberships for signals (see below for more info)

How are signals sent ?

All of our signals are updated on our website in an easy-to-use signal interface with an alert sound when a new signal is posted. You can also get Twitter alerts for our signals on tablet or mobile phone for pro and maxx live and dibs members.

What is Your Average Win-Rate?

Our average daily win-rate is 94%.+ This includes filtering during major news events.

What times do the signals come out?

All times are EST (Eastern Standard Time)

-Daily Signals come out 6 times a day (these match the daily expirations on Nadex: 3am, 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm) 

-Intraday signals come out 23 hours per trading day

-20/20 signals come our 23 hours per trading day

-Maxx Signals are the cream of the crop and come out 23 hours per trading day (the new 20 minute binary signals are from 9:30am -2:30pm EST)

-Dex International Binary signals will come throughout each trading day

Which Broker do your Signals Work On?

Our signals should work with any credible binary options and forex broker using real-time pricing. You just need to select the correct
expiry time (or as close to our recommended expiry time as possible).

How Many Signals do you Generate per Day?

You can expect up to 50+ signals per day as long as the market is open

How Quickly Do I Need to Take the Signals Once They Appear?

The faster you take the signals, the better results you should see. We also teach how to place working orders for Nadex users.

Can I Join for Free and Upgrade later?

Absolutely you can! The success rates of the free signals has been profitable enough that many members have Earned enough to upgrade. Right now our rates are ridiculously low at just $87 for the Pro Membership and $147 for our All Inclusive Package which includes, Pro Signals, Learning Center and Maxx Signals!


Free members also enjoy the benefit of the Dex Signals Affiliate Program where you earn 30% Recurring on every sale you generate AND 10% Recurring for every sale made by your referrals! We have given you a few ways to earn just by being a Dex Signals Free Member! Don’t wait, click below to Join Now for Free!


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Additional and Membership Questions

What are the Different Membership types?

The New Dex Signals now offers 2 membership types:

Free Membership – training only

Dex Signals Membership – training, signals, trader room, pro trader live webinars

How Quickly can I access Your Signals once I get a Subscription?

You’ll receive instant access to our signals as soon as you get a subscription.

Do you Publish Your Results?

Yes. We publish the results of all of our trades help add transparency and credibility to our service.
You can view all historic signals yourself even as a free member

How do I cancel my membership?

If you have decided that you just want to follow signals and don’t want to learn, than we’re sorry Dex Signals is not for you. We hate to see you go but we understand that Dex Signals isn’t for everyone so we made it as easy as possible to cancel your account. Simply log into your account and from the member portal page you will see a “My Account” link in the upper right. See image below


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Do you offer 5 minute or 20 minute Nadex Signals?

At this time, we do not have 5 minute signals for Nadex.

NEW: 20 minute signals for Nadex are available with our Maxx Signal Subscription only at this time

Besides the step by step training and the 3 signal services, what else does my pro membership offer?

In addition to the signals and the training, Pro and Maxx Signal members will 3 weekly live webinars, access to Trader rooms to chat with other traders and Pro Consults with Maxx.

We care about your success!  Once you sign up, Go Pro and Maxx Live members will lock in your current rate for life!

I haven't received or can't access the signals, where do I go?

The quickest way to get any technical or website issues taken care of is to use our Contact Us form and of course if you see an agent online in the green box in the lower right corner we will more than happy to assist you!

Do you offer any Coupon Codes?

Dex Signals is always attempting to give our customers the maximum amount of value and since we believe in our signals so much we know that once you join, you will not leave! We are always offing new coupons and incentives and the easiest way to stay on top of our latest promotion is to Join as A Free Member!

Affiliates and Resources

FAQ related to the Dex Signals Affiliate Program and the Resources offered by Dex Signals.

Not a Dex Signals Affiliate? It’s FREE to join and you get paid each and every month for every sale you make!

Join the Dex Signals Affiliate Program for FREE

Do I have to be a member of Dex Signals to be a Dex Signals Affiliate?

No. The Dex Signals Affiliate Program is Free to Join for anyone interested in earning great money that is recurring every month!

How much do I earn if I make a sale?

Right now Dex has 2 paid packages and you will be earning 30% each and every month on every sale you make. Plus, as a special incentive, we have a 2 tier affiliate system meaning you can recruit other affiliates and earn 10% on what they sell! We want everyone to be as successful as possible with Dex Signals!

How can I get traffic?

There are many different ways to get traffic, both free and paid. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.
Paid: Paid traffic, such as PPC or banner advertising, is usually more controllable and scalable. If what you’re doing is working, you can spend more to grow your traffic. It also has the advantage of being able to start very quickly, if not immediately. The main disadvantage of paid traffic is that it can be quite expensive and requires a lot of supervision to avoid losing money. Paid advertising platforms such as Google AdWords can also have strict requirements regarding advertisers and ads, so be sure to pay close attention to all rules and warnings.
Free: Free traffic, such as organic search engine visitors, video marketing, or social media/forum traffic, can be a great way to get highly relevant visitors to your website without paying for each visitor. Building a platform that delivers free traffic can be a great long-term affiliate marketing strategy. However, the downsides of free traffic are that it can take a lot of time and effort before you start seeing results, and can be unreliable.
Although getting free traffic is never guaranteed, we’ve created a training series called 4 Steps to Affiliate Success that offers plenty of strategies and advice for affiliates who are just getting started and want to build a low-cost platform for growing their audience and getting free traffic

Dex Signals Affiliate Program is going to great length’s to ensure your success with an ever growing assortment of online and offline marketing materials and a newsletter and webinar series devoted entirely to marketing your Dex Signals links!

How can I get links and promotional materials?

All the links and marketing materials can be retrieved from your Dex Signals Affiliate Backoffice. After logging in, simply choose one of the dropdown options under, “Marketing Materials”.


Don’t have a Dex Signals Affiliate account? It’s free to join!

go here now —> The Dex Signals Affiliate Program

What's the best way to promote Dex Signals?

There are many ways to promote Dex Signals, and as part of our constant effort to train and educate you, we have added an entire library of training video’s in our Dex Signals Affiliate Program back office that will walk you step by step on what it means to be an affiliate and how to get started quickly!

Once logged in, click on, “Training Materials” and than “Watch Training Video’s