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The Latest Updates and Announcements from Dex Signals.

Free Training

Module 1 Free Learning
Unit 1 How to Read Free Signals
Unit 2 Your Basic Dex Signals Affiliate Link
Unit 3 Why Should I buy a membership?

Basic Learning

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Pro Learning- not a Pro? Go Here

Module 1 Getting Started and Checklist
Unit 1 Signals Training Introduction
Unit 2 Singals checklist
Unit 3 Setting Up signal through twitter
Unit 4 Trader room Rules and Usage
Module 2 Nadex Info
Unit 1 Getting Started with Nadex
Module 3 Signals Training
Unit 1 Signals Training-What are our signals
Unit 2 Signals Portal
Unit 3 What is Forex
Unit 4 What are the Forex Sessions
Unit 5 What is a PIP
Unit 6 News and News Avoidance
Unit 7 The Daily Signal
Unit 8 The Daily's Signal Explain the working order
Unit 9 Daily Signals trading with Working order
Unit 10 Daily Signals Choke Up Intro
Unit 11 Daily Signals Choking up- using Spreadsheet
Unit 12 Daily Signals Choke up- using the Web Based Charts
Unit 13 Daily Signals Choke up - using the MT4 and Support and resistance
Unit 14 What is the Dex Sr Maxx
Unit 15 The History of the Intraday
Unit 16 Trading the Intraday Signals
Unit 17 Making a Journal
Unit 18 Using Jing a screen capture system


Marketing Training

Module 1 Orientation
Unit 1 Welcome to Dex Affiliates
Unit 2 Dex Affiliate System Overview
Unit 3 Dex Affiliate Social Media
Unit 4 How to Link to ANY Dex Signals Page or Post with Your Affiliate ID


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Pro Webinar  Meeting

Mondays  Wednesdays and Fridays  12 Noon EST

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New Member Webinar

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm EST

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Nadex Signal times

12 am to 2am release- 3am expiry
4 am to 6am release- 7am expiry
8am 10 am release- 11 am expiry
12 noon 2 pm release- 3pm expiry
4pm to 6pm* release- 7pm expiry
8pm to 10pm release- 11pm expiry



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New DIBS Extreme is in Pre Launch! Training and Signals