Pro Membership Signup

-Daily Signals: 6 times a day 5-10 signals each session

-Intraday Signals: 23 hours a day 5-10 signals each session

-Pro Member Webinars Three Days a week and they are recorded and archived for you

-Pro Trader Room- for Your Convenience and  ease of use to help with your trades and Learning

-Focused Learning Center for Any Level

-Twitter Notifications

-3 hours worth of Consult from a Senior Trader

The Break Down

-Daily Signals: 

6 times a day 5-10 signals each session this Delivery of signals is very strong and can be used in a various amount of ways. With signals coming out about every four hours it hits every major market.

-Intraday Signals: 

23 hours a day 5-10 signals each session. These intraday signals are extremely strong and full with premium and possibilities. Now not only can you choose a great time to trade but if one hour doesn’t yield something good you simply wait for the next hour. (great for trading between news)

-Pro Member Webinars:

Three days a week Monday Wednesday and Fridays there are professionally held webinars right on our website that help guide you through difficult patches. Also they give you weekly road maps and strategies that will help you through the Dex Pathway. These are also recorded and archived for your convenience.

-Pro Trader Room: 

 A special Chat room and safe area to share your trades that you are in and also receive direct advice from Senior and elite traders. These rooms provide a reassurance you are in the right place and the right time.

-Focused Learning Center: 

With linear training made for all levels you can easily move through the training if more experienced or move slower for less experienced trader. We also take in consideration different types of traders, Scalpers, ‘set and forgeters’ and a combination of all.

-Twitter Notifications:

With your pro membership we know every second counts and receiving a notification that a trade is ready is very important so we created a twitter notification system that will inform you of the daily signal arrivals.

-3 hours of Consultation: 

That’s right. 3 hours of consultation from one of our senior traders that will help get you set up and functioning within our network, met with you again to help you set up your live trading plan and then again to meet with you for your Elite assessment.

Wait Are there Others that have done this?

Absolutely !