A Trader’s Mind Learning Center

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Module 1 The Beginning
Unit 1 Intro to Traders Mind
Unit 2 A Traders Mind Pathway
Unit 3 Preparing for Your Journey
Module 2 Setting Up Nadex
Unit 1 Intro to Nadex Demo
Unit 2 Setting Up Nadex Demo
Unit 3 ATM 5 min Binary Options
Module 3 Set up Your Charts
Unit 1 ATM Set up install metatrader 4
Unit 2 ATM MT 4 set up default template
Unit 3 ATM setting Mt 4 Chart Tips and How to Read Candles
Unit 4 ATM Setting up Indicators and templates
Module 4 time to Learn and Train
Unit 1 ATM Prepare to trade
Unit 2 ATM 5 Min Rules and timing
Unit 3 ATM How to read the History in Nadex
Unit 4 ATM part 2 Take Profit and Loss
Unit 5 ATM Phases of Trades